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About Us

Co-Founders of Vows and Speeches, Brian and Nicole Franklin.

Brian Franklin


Brian Franklin is the Co-Founder of Vows & Speeches and oversees all interviews and script writing.

A writer and communications/marketing consultant for over 25 years, most of Brian’s work has been as an award-winning political consultant and communications strategist (including speechwriting and debate prep) for federal and state campaigns.

Knowing his skills as a writer and speaker, his friends and family would ask him for help with their wedding speeches—and he had the honor of officiate a few weddings himself. (It should be noted that they are all still married!)

In mid 2021, after interviewing Jon Macks, a speechwriter and a lead writer for the Tonight Show and other comedians for many years, Brian was inspired and started to look at the wedding industry as a possible career change, and ultimately, after getting some feedback on Clubhouse by other wedding pros, he and his wife Nicole formed Vows & Speeches. By early 2022, Brian was transitioned to Vows & Speeches full time.

Brian has now written hundreds of vows, speeches, ceremonies, and other scripts, and been featured in Bridal Guide, Brides, The Knot, and many more respected wedding publications.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys staring at classic cars and watches, playing guitar, boating, and hitting the town with Nicole.

Want to learn more about Brian? Contact him by phone or email.

Nicole Franklin, Co-Founder of Vows and Speeches.

Nicole Franklin


Nicole Franklin is Vows & Speeches’ Co-Founder and Director of Entertainment.

Nicole oversees all aspects of Vows & Speeches backend operations as well as much of its sales outreach, while working with Brian on the larger business strategy.

Nicole has almost 20 years of advertising and marketing experience, mostly as a media buyer and Chief Operating Officer of a political consulting firm. As a media buyer, she has bought over $100 million in television, radio, print, and outdoor advertising. As COO, she managed all administrative and accounting aspects of the business.

She can also play a mean tamborine.

Vows and Speeches' writer Ben Pollara at his wedding.

Ben Pollara


Ben Pollara has been writing speeches for himself and others since running for student council in the 3rd grade, and has been writing professionally since high school, where for $50 a page he would guarantee a B or better on any English paper.

For the last two decades, Ben has been applying his communications skills in the world of politics and public relations, ghostwriting speeches, opinion pieces and marketing copy for campaigns, elected officials, and executives.

Despite writing for a living, when it came down to his own wedding ceremony and vows, Ben struggled with putting his feelings for his soon-to-be wife into words (and making sure his best friend who was officiating didn’t say anything stupid). Of course, he eventually found the right words, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

However, in hindsight, Ben realizes he should have written his best man’s speech as well.

Ben likes to say that he’s a good writer, but an exceptional ghostwriter – and he can capture yours and your loved ones’ voices to hit all the right notes on your special day.