Vows and Speeches


No! The final speech is largely going to be in your words, and where it’s not, it’s derived from things you’ve expressed in the interview.

Yes! Every package includes a 30-min practice session, where we give you feedback and tips to improve your delivery. We also do custom packages if you’d like to book more practice sessions and really refine the performance.

AI writing requires a lot of inputing information – and it doesn’t ask follow up questions. It doesn’t know how to find storylines and it’s terrible with jokes. This all may change down the line as AI advances, but we’re supposed to have flying cars by now too.

Don’t believe me? Here is Chat GPT’s response:

AI, including models like GPT-4, may face challenges when crafting wedding speeches, vows, or ceremonies due to a fundamental lack of personal experience and deep understanding of human social norms and sensitivities. While AI can produce impressive text generation, it lacks a crucial understanding of when certain topics or anecdotes might be inappropriate or sensitive for a wedding environment. Even with advanced machine learning algorithms, AI cannot fully comprehend the complex social, cultural, and emotional intricacies that dictate what should or should not be said in specific situations. It does not have the ability to reflect upon shared experiences or gauge the potential emotional impact of a comment or joke in the way that a human, with a lifetime of social interactions, can.

Another limitation of AI in this context is its inability to identify and capitalize on potential hooks, punchlines, or jokes that would resonate with the audience on a personal level. Effective humor, especially in a wedding speech, is often deeply rooted in shared experiences and inside jokes that carry unique significance for the individuals involved. While AI can generate generic jokes based on learned patterns, it doesn’t have the ability to identify unique humorous opportunities that arise from the shared history, interests, and experiences of the couple and the wedding attendees. This could result in a speech that, while grammatically correct and coherently structured, lacks the warmth, humor, and personal touch that makes wedding speeches truly memorable and impactful.

We’ve had instances where we get a call on a Friday for a Sunday wedding. In most cases, we can get it done, but there might be a rush charge if it’s less than a week.

We prefer to have you have time to comfortably schedule the interview with us, get a draft, be able to sit on it, make revisions, then once you have a final you love, still have time to practice it and work with us on the delivery.

That said, if you’re in a crisis and don’t know what to say, please contact us. No matter what, it’ll make things easier for you.
Two reasons: First, we save you a ton of time. Second, when you’re writing about something so personal, so full of emotion, it can be hard to organize or distill your thoughts. Third, it helps to be able to bounce ideas off of another person, and make sure you’re not going down a cringy or embarrassing path.
Absolutely. Let’s chat about the options and we’re happy to create a package price.

First, it’s VERY common for inexperienced officiants to go online and get generic ceremonies – which results in something impersonal. For most couples, that’s the opposite of why they wanted this officiant in the first place. What we do is we interview both the couple and the officiant, then work with the officiant to craft a highly personalized ceremony script that has all of the laughs and tears, but also the elements that should be in every wedding. We also save the officiant a ton of time, and give you some peace of mind that this is going to go well.

Absolutely. We specialize at getting even the most private people to tell us how they feel! It’s actually quite fun and many of these folks have had some of our favorite vows!

We ask for a 50% deposit and then the balance at whatever comes first: 30 days since the first draft or one week before the wedding.

As many as it takes for you to be happy with the draft. That said, it’s extremely rare to have a lot of revisions since this is mostly your words/ideas.