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Custom Wedding Speeches & Toasts

Gentleman giving his once-in-a-lifetime wedding speech.

If you’re someone who has to make a speech or toast and just want to nail the moment, or you’re getting married and you want to make sure your best-friend, sibling, or parent doesn’t embarrass you (or just bore your guests), then we can help:

Vows & Speeches makes sure that your speeches are powerful, entertaining, incredibly personalized, and strike the right balance between sentimentality and humor. 

These custom speeches/toasts will get people laughing, crying, and keep guests entertained. 

We also help our clients practice and refine the delivery!

The wedding speech/toast section is the most common part of the wedding for things to go sideways. Sometimes it’s just someone going on too long, which throws everything off. Sometimes it’s something said in the speech that’s just inappropriate or embarrassing.  Some wedding speeches are simply just boring or say something generic.  

No part of your wedding or speech should be boring or generic.

Here’s the process:

1) We do a 45-minute to one hour interview with you

2) We write the draft (you get unlimited revisions)

3) Once the draft is finally, we schedule a practice session (included)

4) The wedding stays on time, guests are entertained, the food stays warm, and nothing gets derailed!  

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