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Loving couple expressing their vows by the sea.

“I can't thank Brian enough for the amazing speech he helped me write for my best friend's wedding! He was able to really understand my relationship with the bride and was able to create a beautiful speech, touching on all the ideas I had and expressing them so eloquently with a dash of sense of humor... which everyone loved! My speech was a hit and even gave the groom some good tears! Thank you, Brian!”

“The speech went GREAT!! Lots of laughs, some tears, and countless compliments afterwards. Couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!!

“Our vows were a total home run! We both surprised each other with how heartfelt and funny/cute they were and everyone loved them. We got so many compliments and people said they were the best vows they’ve ever heard!”

“Everything was beyond fabulous! I got so many compliments on my speech, I am told it was definitely a hit. Tears, laughter, clapping and hugs. A total home run! Thank you again for all your help!”

“Brian helped me write my vows on the most important day of my life. He was able to help me put everything I was feeling about my husband into words and they came out beautifully. Having his help writing and practicing it took so much anxiety away.”

“Brian, you have no idea how your help with the vows influenced the entire wedding. Whenever I asked a guest what their highlight reel was - it always started with “your” vows - hands down. I even got applauded. Our minister said he’s never seen that before… My fiancé kept mouthing ‘wow’ and thought it was amazing.”

“It was amazing ! Everyone was very complimentary . Thank you for your sage advice to keep the narrative more emotional and less general . People really appreciated the sentiment !! Your instinct was spot on! Incredible fortuitous that I found you ! I now inspired and have the confidence to give more speeches in the future - with your help of course 🙂 ”

“We’re are so happy with how the vows came out. A member of the audience told us there was tears streaming down everyone’s face and that they were so touched with them. They said they sounded so genuine and from the heart. And that it sounded just like us and they were perfect. They couldn’t have been done any better..”

“Brian was very helpful with the stressful wedding toast writing process. I felt like I was talking to a friend to pull out important topics to mention. The speech was top-notch and the follow-up process to pratice really helped emphasize key points in my delivery. Thanks so much!!”

“There were tears, laughs and everything was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. Five stars isn’t enough.”

“The only thing more beautiful than the ceremony itself was the bride. We received multiple compliments after the wedding, praising the ceremony as the most personal and touching service our guests had ever attended.”

“My vows were beautiful and I received so many compliments on them. When I first read the draft, it brought tears to my eyes. After reading it, I was so in love! I had to practice reading them without crying. I cannot say enough how thankful I am that you were able to put exactly how I feel in words for me to express on my wedding day.”

“Everyone said they loved my speech. The first draft was lovely and I had no changes. It had me welling up every time I practiced it!”

“Brian is amazing! He went above and beyond asking me questions to help me write the most beautiful wedding speech for my sister. He took all of my ideas and made them shine in a way I could not, delivering the exact emotion, tone and meaning of what I envisioned. Hiring Brian was the best decision.”

“What a fantastic experience! Working with Brian made my life 10x easier during a hectic work schedule. He was fun to talk to, understood my vision and very quick to respond. Would highly recommend!”

Everyone was so emotional and touched...

“It was such a pleasure working with Vows & Speeches—which we used to help with our vows and all of the speeches in our wedding. Thanks to them, my husband and I felt confident and happy with our vows, which were beautiful. Everyone was so emotional and touched. They helped us express exactly what we wanted, and make sure it was said in the best way possible. My bridesmaids and siblings were excited to give their speeches, which elevated the whole wedding, bringing laughs and happy tears. Thank you, Brian and Vows & Speeches, for your way with words! It was truly memorable and a great experience.”

California Wedding Planner

I highly, highly recommend working with Brian..

“I highly, highly recommend working with Brian for vows, ceremony structure or speeches in general! I worked with him for a maid of honor speech and I got so many compliments on it! He helped structure it and helped with the transitions so that the speech really felt like my own. He also took the time to work on is via phone call and also via email, and was happy to run through it over the phone a few times. As an event professional myself, I can not recommend this service enough!”

Megan G.

Vows & Speeches saved my day...

“What a life saving experience! Not only was I worried and nervous about having to write my upcoming vows, but speaking them to a room full of people was terrifying in itself…. Not sure where to even start, I reached out to Vows & Speeches. They promptly reached out and quickly put my worry to rest. After our initial interview, where I was asked many questions about my relationship, I was delivered what I can only describe as GOLD! The first draft of the vows they wrote for me were incredible, I didn’t need to change a thing. Brian even did a couple rehearsal sessions with me, as I became more and more comfortable with saying my vows outloud, the fear of public speaking faded quickly! Vows & Speeches saved my day, I highly recommend Vows And Speeches for anyone who is worried about their upcoming vows!”

Tyler C.
Newport Beach, CA

I now always recommend my couples hire Brian...

“As a Certified Wedding Planner, I have the honor of consistently working with happy couples to coordinate typically the biggest and most memorable celebration of their lives. Because it’s my job to advise couples throughout the planning process, I hold myself accountable for the successes and failures of every wedding detail. I’ve found that oftentimes the perceived failures aren’t due to planning or design – but rather the writing and delivery of vows and speeches. For this reason I now always recommend my couples hire Brian from Vows and Speeches for assistance with writing and delivering vows, toasts, and all formal speeches throughout the wedding day.

Since meeting Brian and hearing of his services, not only have I witnessed some of the best vows, speeches, and toasts of my career; I also had the pleasure of hiring him when I struggled to write my own Maid of Honor toast. After experiencing the client side of his writing process, I finally understood how he makes every script so unique and meaningful. Brian is a wonderful listener (and an even better writer), and he truly cares about the confidence and success of his clients. He edits and adjusts until his clients are completely blown away, and then he insists on holding a practice call to give delivery and inflection suggestions. In summary, I’ll definitely be working with Brian for all my future speeches, and I’ll never stop referring him to every engaged couple I have the pleasure of meeting.”

Miranda M.
Savannah, GA  Wedding Planner