Vows and Speeches

Custom Wedding Vows

Couple being wed on a rocky shore.

Writing your own vows – and summing up how you feel about your favorite person – can be difficult — even for great writers (and not everyone feels comfortable writing).

We make it easy. 

We interview you (there is no questionnaire to fill out) – and then we write the draft based on your words, your delivery, and your story.  We help you find the right way of phrasing what’s in your heart, and do it in a way that’s moving, fun, and memorable.

We give you unlimited revisions and then, once you have a draft that you love, we help you practice it and refine the delivery. 

People love hearing custom vows. The personalize the wedding, help tell the story of your relationship, and they give your guests insight into why they should authentically celebrate your marriage. 

Custom vows are $600 for both vows, or $400 for just one. We can also make custom packages if you want to make sure that your eccentric parent or Maid of Honor or Best Man has a little help with their speech! If you want additional practice sessions, we can provide them as well.

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