Vows & Speeches – Custom Vows, Speeches, and Ceremonies

For Wedding Pros

Wedding tables and settings waiting for the guests.

How our services help wedding pros

Wedding Planners & Coordinators:

* The wedding won’t just look great – it will have content that draws in the audience and gets people laughing and crying

  • Protection of the timeline: Wedding speeches will be on time. 3-4 minutes each
  • Assurances that the wedding won’t get ruined by an inappropriate wedding speech joke or disclosure
  • You get a resource when, at the last minute, they start panicking about vows
  • Personalized ceremonies that get people leaning in to the whole event
  • Something different to offer your clients that will show more thoughtfulness and foresight than some of your competition
  • Easier editing by virtue of having great content and audio
  • Collaboration that will help you plan reaction shots
  • More tears, more laughs, and more sharable moments
  • Fewer boring speeches to withstand – you’ll get 3-4 minute, entertaining ones to work with

  • Opportunities to better coordinate the content with music, including music cues that, when appropriate, might match the speeches.
  • Fewer instances where you’ll have to awkwardly interrupt or take over
  • Protection of the timeline
Wedding couple slow dancing to their song.

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